About us....

It's Our Passion
Hamble Charter has over 50 years of experience, knowledge and passion in collecting and maintaining classic automobile icons.
From way back in the early 1970s running and maintaining a successful UK and International Transport Operation was to be the commencement of a long passion for collecting and maintaining Classic Cars.
Touring Europe, the U/K and USA has lead us to some exotic finds on our journeys.

Now situated near the River Hamble in Hampshire, England our collection storage facility and maintenance workshop is fully equipped to maintain these classics for ourselves and other likeminded enthusiasts.

Having also served as a Marine Engineer and hold a Captains Licence for Sail and Power we have also enjoyed a successful Luxury Yacht Charter Business.
We have been fortunate to share this passion with like minded people being either with Propellors, Sails, Wheels or tracks .

On occasions we may offer something from our collection to pass on to another custodian.
We hope you enjoy what is on offer and please feel free to get in touch via our "Contact Us" page on this website.